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Freelance illustrator and gouache enthusiast based in Newcastle UK.

Selling printed copies of original hand-painted illustrations and illustrated t-shirts

All work my own 



Responsive, relevant and communicative.

My image making examines the worlds of politics & personality, news & culture, history & life as it happens.

Ready to go images specialising in portraiture, caricature, humour, political comment & satire

All of my illustrations are hand-painted using gouache. I first used gouache in my first year of uni on my illustration course. I then fell in love with the medium and haven't looked back since. I often find myself going off on one about how much I love gouache, so I'm going to cut this paragraph short.

Or in short...

Gouache x pop-culture


If you want to know more about me in a better written format,  then click the link below to check out an interview I did for 

Mexico painting
Screenshot 2021-09-03 at 10.12.11.png

Also check out the podcast episode I did for Rashida Josiah at Planet Freelance, for the reality of being an artist.


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